About DSG Legal (English)

I always find a solution

Are you a start-up or an entrepreneur with a small business? Have you considered legal advice as you set up your affairs? Some entrepreneurs don’t, and that can work out fine. But in some cases, people are glad they sought advice about such things as a situation facing their company, business considerations that they need to take into account, formatting and checking contracts and cooperation agreements, and general terms and conditions.

In the role of a concerned professional, DSG Legal acts as legal advisor to entrepreneurs within different jurisdictions as well as to individuals facing legal issues. We are your personal contact, and we oversee your entire file. We are committed to providing our clients peace of mind, understanding, and security. You have other things to worry about; leave the legal issues to us. The core values of DSG Legal are passion, speed, and flexibility, and we will take your concerns and requirements seriously.

Services we provide:  

  • formulating and checking contracts, including cooperation contracts
  • establishing general terms and conditions
  • translating legal documents into comprehensible language so that clients understand what their case is about
  • mediation in case of misunderstandings or conflicts
  • eventual legal representation when required.

DSG Legal stands for fair, fast, and clear advice about your case at an affordable rate. Entrepreneur or private individual, DSG Legal aims to deliver accessibility and results-oriented services.

In short: You want your business or your private affairs on a solid legal footing? A conversation with DSG Legal is your best starting point.

Contact us at: info@dsglegal.nl or +31-6- 555 62 562